Let’s go exploring Singapore!

Some of our regular readers may be confused by reading an English article on our blog but we will assemble multi-language entries every once in a while. In this way we take into account that the rate of our international fans is strongly running up. Of course it will also be a nice touch to our affiliates and partners around the globe..

By the way internationality and versatility are perfect keywords to describe our next destination: Let’s go exploring Singapore! This Southeast Asian city-state, made up of 63 islands, is home of some 5 million residents and hosts more US dollar millionaire households per head than any other country in the world. Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil are the four official languages in Singapore which has one of the three busiest ports the world over. We have advised our trip in mid-January 2012, at that time Singapore Airlines starts its daily service to Frankfurt by operating the Airbus A380 🙂

These days we are checking details for an onward flight to Australia, holding talks with some possible affiliates for this journey and will get back with further information soon. We are confident to announce you our exclusive hotel partner within the next weeks and do look forward to any regards of „MUST-SEE“ attraction in SIN – please feel free to use our comments our send us an email 😉 Stay tuned and get part of it.

Wer schon einmal einen Grobüberblick von Land und Leuten bekommen möchte, dem lege ich das Videovalis-Video ans Herz



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